Dumb Blonde Productions got its name from my late PapPap Masur, who told dumb blonde jokes at every family gathering for as far back as I can remember. The man had a lot of cojones telling blonde jokes to a family of exclusively blonde women, especially when those women had just cooked the meal we were all sitting down to eat, but I guess that's why they were always such a hit. Those blonde jokes taught me a few very important lessons: how to laugh at myself, that sometimes it comes in handy to play the dumb blonde but to never actually be the dumb blonde, any above all, to always, always be blonde (I make a terrible brunette).

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Since moving to Los Angeles — a city that's always got something going on and that's constantly bursting with creativity — I've got so many

“I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb. I also know I’m not blonde.”

— Dolly Parton

Thank you for the constant love and support, and I hope you're just as excited as I am because I think we're going to make some pretty exciting stuff.

projects and ideas spinning about, and I'm so fortunate to be working with some awesomely talented people helping me bring those ideas to life, that I thought Dumb Blonde Productions would be the best way to keep it all in one place.

Alyse McCamish